General dentistry provides the patient with the overall diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect the teeth and the surrounding gums. Treatments such as teeth cleaning and treatment of dentures will help improve the condition of the teeth. Dental practitioners are involved in procedures that are intended to maintain and protect your teeth from problems of discoloration and decay through procedures such as root canals and tooth cleaning.

Cosmetic dentistry involves dental procedures that are geared towards improving the look of the teeth and the aesthetic look of your dentition. Procedures are conducted to collect the look of the teeth such as to correct conditions such as crooked teeth and treat an injury to the teeth. Conditions such as periodontal gum diseases and procedures such as root canals are performed through the general dentistry to help you diagnose the most suited procedure to under go to help correct a particular condition of your teeth.

This can also be used to replace a lost tooth and bring back the old bright smile to your face. Patients who may want to re-shape their teeth or remove discolored teeth will undergo cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can also be used to correct abnormal sizes of the teeth. People who have too long or too short teeth can have these conditions repaired and their looks improved through cosmetic dentistry procedures. Further, people who have unattractive gaps between their teeth, or have loose teeth can undergo this procedure to improve their appearance.

One can undergo cosmetic bonding which helps to improve the color of the teeth using an artificial enamel. The artificial enamel is used to fill in gaps between the teeth and make the teeth more whiter and sparkling clean.

You can also undergo cosmetic dentistry contouring. This is a procedure that helps to reshape chipped and crooked teeth to look attractive and have the correct shape. Ideally, pieces of the teeth maybe removed and replaced with proper shapes to replace that bright smile to your face.

The person can also undergo veneering which is a procedure that is done by placing a thin surface coating to your incisors and canines to help repair chipped and discolored front teeth. This very thin coating are used to cover the discolored part and improve the appearance of your teeth.

You can also undergo dental bleaching to help regain that sparkling color of your teeth. Through bleaching you are able to recapture the white color of your teeth and improve appearance through improved and increase whitening of the teeth which makes your feel even more confident when smiling in front of colleagues.

In conclusion, it is always worthwhile to visit your dentist and undergo a dental examination. This examination will help to determine which procedure will be best suited to help you bring back your smile to your face and improve the appearance of your teeth. Dental consultations are also necessary for you to be able to monitor the condition of your teeth and help prevent dental diseases through a proper dental diagnosis.


  • I am so thankful to Dr. Byrd and his staff! They helped me when I was in tremendous pain, even though they'd already closed and I'd never been there before. They were really incredible.

    Annie G. Woodstock, GA
  • Chrystal and Katie did a fantastic job during my cleaning appointment.  I've been seeing this group since I move to GA in 2004 and have never had a bad experience.  Highly recommended for all ages.

    Elva G. Woodstock, GA
  • I love this office. I finally found a dental office and staff that cares about me. I have been a patient here for years... My hygienist is amazing. She loves her job and passes on her knowledge and care to her patients. The office staff has always been very professional and helpful. I would recommend Byrd Dental to anyone looking for a great dental office.

    Tobi H. Cumming, GA
  • I'm not typically a fan of dentist appointments, but don't mind them anymore. I love this office and the entire staff... I always feel like everyone has my best interest at heart. I highly recommend Byrd Dental...

    Maria S. Roswell, GA
  • The only person in the area I'll let stick their hands in my mouth. Great chairside manner and were great to ease my anxiety.

    Christopher W. Mobile, AL