A dental implant is a lasting alternative for a missing tooth. As opposed to dentures, which are artificial teeth affixed to a removable plate, implants are surgically affixed to the jawbone. The implants act as an anchor for an artificial tooth, and could be used in conjunction with bridges to replace multiple missing adjacent teeth. The dentist will place an implant on the teeth at either end of the gap and attach a bridge to the two implants. The bridge acts as a noninvasive way to fill in the remaining missing teeth.

Complications Of Losing Teeth

Cosmetic: Losing a tooth can change your physical image in a significant way. If a tooth is lost in the front of the mouth, the smile will be visibly different. If many of the front teeth are missing, the lips lose their support and sag inward. The molars are meant to support the elevation of the face. Partial loss of the molars can lead to bite-collapse, causing the front teeth to be pushed forward.

Emotional: When a person loses a tooth it regularly hurts their self confidence, causing them to hide their teeth around other people. This can make it challenging to smile, laugh, or even speak in social situations. Many even become drawn away from others, and report depression-like symptoms.

Oral Health: Losing a tooth may be uncomfortable and result in more than just cosmetic problems. Teeth rely on surrounding teeth for support and could end up being weaker when neighboring teeth are lost. Losing a tooth can also result in bone loss in the jaw over time. Dental implants stimulate the bone, causing it to stay healthy longer.

Types Of Dental Implants

There are two varieties of dental implants, known as endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants. The dentist will help you choose which implants are recommended for you.

Endosteal Implants– Endosteal implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone. This is conducted over two operative procedures. The first surgery positions the implant, and the second surgery is to secure a post to the implant. Once the surgery is finished, a crown is placed on the implant. When replacing several teeth, a bridge might be used between two implants.

Subperiosteal Implants– Subperiosteal implants are less invasive than endosteal implants. The dentist would surgically place a metal frame on the jawbone beneath the gum line. After the gums are healed, the frame is fused to the jawbone. The posts that are attached to the frame are exposed and crowns are fixed to the posts. Subperiosteal implants are able to also brace bridges whenever replacing several teeth.

Caring For Dental Implants

Dental implants are a highly successful dental procedure when cared for properly. There are a handful of steps you can take to make sure your implants last. First and foremost, pay a visit to your dentist routinely. This is important to your overall oral health, as well as preventative care. Seeing a little problem before it becomes larger is the key to protecting the integrity of the implants. Then, be sure you are executing excellent oral care in your home by brushing and flossing each day. Avoid chewing on ice, hard candy, and other hard foods that could break your crowns. Lastly, it is suggested that you quit smoking or using tobacco products, as this weakens the jaw bone.


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